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General Characteristics of Cuba

The Cuban archipelago is form by the Cuban island, the island of youth (in the past island of pines) and about 4,195 keys and little islands. The Cuban island is long and narrow, and it looks like a big cayman as you can see in the map that is shown in this page. It is located in the Caribbean sea at the entry of the Mexican gulf. Its limit are from the northwest with the mexican gulf, at the north with the Florida's strait and the  Bahamas old channel which isolated it from the United States and Bahamas respectively; at the east with the Winds passage which isolated it from Jamaica and at the west with the Yucatan strait which isolated it from Mexico.

Language: The official language of the Republic of Cuba is the Spanish. Nevertheless, as a consequence of the high level cultural of cuban people more of  its inhabitants speak english and french.

Administrative division: 14 provinces and a special  municipality.


Cuba is a tropical country, with an average of  330 days with sun in the  year.
The medium year temperature is  25,5 °C.
The cool month: january with  21 °C
The warm month: july with 30 °C.  Annual sun radiation: 80 kilocal
Average temperature in the coast waters:  25 °C  in winter, 28 °C  in summer
Average relative humidity: 78 %
Average annual rain:  1 515 mm.
Less raining months: december and august .

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