Arroyo Naranjo

It is located in the suburb area of the capital, to the South; this municipality covers 83 square kilometers representing an 11% of the total province.

Due to the amount and extension of green spaces of this municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, is the ideal place to make picnics with friends.

Parque Lenin is located in this municipality, it is a recreational complex of great extension aimed at enjoying its amusement park, dams, swimming pools, restaurants, rodeos etc. Also, the National Botanical Garden with more than 600 hectares of vegetation where the visitor can see the most typical of the Caribbean flora, as well as, the Japanese Garden, one of the main attractions of this complex.

It also has the largest vegetarian restaurant of the capital. Expocuba, is another attraction of this place. It is the biggest fairground of the country where international exhibitions are held and where there is always a permanent exhibition of the Cuban achievements.