Captain Generals Palace's

One of the most important architectural monuments in Old Havana, of a neat baroque style, is the ancient Captains Generals Palace's, venue to the Spaniard Colonial Government in Cuba for over 100 years and main civil construction in the Plaza de Armas.

It is located in the historical site of the city 50 meters from the seashore. It was the residence of the top colonial authorities from 1791 to 1898 and presidential palace from 1902, year in which the Neocolonial Republic settled in the island, until 1920 and Mayor's office from 1920 to 1950 in Havana.

Its collections recreate a panorama of the city history since its establishment to the present.

The most important halls are dedicated to the Independence Wars in Cuba of the Spaniard Metropolis. Among these is the Flags Hall, that exhibits the original national flag, and the hall that shows how Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, considered the Father of the Homeland started the first independent strike on October 10th , 1868. In this room the flags that Spain held during the days of the colony are also in exhibition.

King Juan Carlos went on a tour in the museum in 1999, as part of his visit to the island as he attended the 9th Ibero American Summit. Highlights of the exposition, because of their value and beauty, are the pieces of art, paintings, porcelain, silvered and bronzed goods and furniture.

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