Cuban Postal Museum: unique in Latin America

The Cuban Postal Museum, place in the ground floor of the Ministry of Informatics and Communication, near the Revolution Square. It was created in 1965. The institution shows collection of the postal history and that of the mail service, as well as the philately.

It is unique in Latin America. It has three rooms, the transitory one, the main room and Cuban Exhibition.

The main room shows significant pieces of the mail 's history, since the issue date of the first postage stamp, the Black Penny, created by Hill and issued in England, in May 6th, 1840.

It also holds ancient means of writing and valuable documents of the mail in Cuba. Among them there is one of great importance: the account book of the first Cuban post -office manager, in 1765.

One of the outstanding pieces of the museum is the postal rocket, for this event was issued a series of postage stamps. It was a curious experiment made by enthusiastic philatelists.

A sky rocket was launched, containing a postal package and propelled by gunpowder. Even if it did not have major practical results, the proposition of this fast mean of transportation for the mail use was a transcendental historical event.

The Postal Museum holds an ample worldwide philatelic collection and a room dedicated to Cuban stamps. It also has a shop to commercialize stamps, albums and accessories.

Address: Avenida Independencia and 19 de Mayo, Revolution Square.
Telephone: (537) 881 5551.
Open Mondays through Fridays 9:00-17:00.
Entrance: 1.00 CUC