Diez de Octubre

Located in the centre of the province, this municipality is the most populated of the capital. Its 12,11 square kilometers represent the 2% of the total province.

Diez de Octubre is one of the oldest municipalities of the capital. It foundation dates from the second half of the 17th Century aimed at populating the city when the Canary Islanders emigrate to Cuba.

Its Jesus del Monte road, is one of the most historical and social transcendence places of the capital. There you can see its parish church built in 1695 that still keep the mortal remains of the 8 tobacco growers hanged in the streets of that road in 1718, when the first uprising against the measures imposed by the metropolis regarding the tobacco trade took place.

Located on the ruins of the main house of the Condes de Párraga, the cultural house is a promoter of the unique Havana festival dedicated to the Danzon. In this municipality are registered the greatest amount of Cuban people with private business.