"In Expocuba we help you to discover Cuba", says the slogan identifying the biggest Cuban ferial exhibition place, making honor to its name. It was officially opened on January 4, 1989, placed about 25 kilometers at the southern Cuban capital.

The Cuban Republic permanent exposition has the proposal of showing Cuban development in all spheres.

At the central pavilion are shown in synthesis the most relevant advances of the country socio-economical activity. The rest of the pavilions are dedicated to other economical branches such as, Chemistry, Engineer, Education, Culture, Sport, Communications, Food Industry, Tourism, Defense, Health, and many others.

Many event with national and international features are celebrated in Expocuba along the year. In November, Havana International Fair is one of the most transcendental celebrations.

Every one of the fourteen Cuban provinces as the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud have many days a year to show their autistics values in a cultural journey. Like this, every week-end are presented national orchestras of first level.

ExpocubaThere is a balcony bar with a rotator system allowing to enjoy from that altitude the beauty of the place as its outskirts. Also as a distinguish feature you may have lunch boarding a plane become in cafeteria.

This installation is characterized by its diverse gastronomical offering. There are several sites to buy ice cream or fast food. There are also many specialized restaurants in sea food, Italian and Cuban food, etc. The most elegant of all is named "Don Cuba".

Next to the central area there is a concurred amusement park including boat routes, around an artificial lake and air bicycles, between other attractions for children and adults.

Another distinguish feature of this great expo-fair is that many of the sectors which its characteristics allow it, don't only expose their products, they also sell them.

Something very profitable to the visitor is that it's located opposite the National Botanic Garden , and it is neighbor to Lenin Park and National Zoo .

A lot of surprises you can find in Expocuba to complement the healthy and advantageous spreading; where without doubts, we will help you to discover Cuba.