Cuban National Botanic Garden

Cuban National Botanic Garden

Cuban National Botanic Garden is not only an space planted with beautiful trees, it's an installation for healthy recreation where you may appreciate the beauty of a vegetal exemplar, with the scientist investigation of our Cuba and universal flora; also education about environment preserving can be fount in this beautiful place, A great knowledge about everything referring to plant can be acquired by the visitor, mainly the endemic plants. This garden is a followed example in Cuba, also to feeding culture and ecologic food.

The idea of creating this garden was born in 1967, and the project was recommended to Havana University, which had for its building the Professor Dr. Johannes Bisse's assessor from Friedrich Séller de Jena University of Germany. Finally it was open to the people in 1984.

Since 1989 a new option started to win preference between the visitors to this yard, The Japanese, landscape architect Yoshicuni Araki, gave life to the Japanese Garden , project which was realized with the collaboration of Commemorative Association for Japanese World Exposition and also with the Japanese ambassador in Cuba.

This original site occupies inside the great park in the fitogeographical zone dedicated to south-western Asia and is expanded around 5 hectares. There can be seen autochthones Japanese flora. It has the peculiarity that from any point you can see the whole landscape. In addition it has a fall, a lake with big gold fish and a vantage point. In this zone vegetarian food can be enjoyed at the eco-restaurant "El Bambú". The peculiar enchant of this mini garden had given it too fame as the institute which regard it.

Japanese GardenThis Botanic Garden exhibition areas occupies a total space of 2353 m2. They ere conformed by an indoor section with tree pavilions of 9 meters high, where live more than 600 kinds of plants, about 250 types and 90 families. Like these, there are also many other outdoor spaces where we can find a pond with aquatic plants and ornamental feature collections. Here is located the second Cuban herbarium, which conserves more than 10 000 examples.

The garden has professional guides service and transportation for visiting the different areas, you may also find specialized literature, souvenir selling and consulting a library which has thousands of materials in books and in other publications.

Cuban National Botanic Garden is an obligated visit for whom to know how to appreciate the beauty.