Lenin Park

Lenin's monument  in Lenin Park

Lenin Park is a majesties garden which Havana people like as spreading place because of its location far away from the unquiet city life, it's not a casualty it is "called the city lung".

It is an area of 760 hectares, placed at south-western Havana City zone. Inside the green forest which distinguish this park can be find an amusement park, wide swimming pools complex, restaurants and cafeterias for several likings, a vapor train from XIX century allowing going around the whole park, an aquarium, an outdoor theatre, an art gallery as many others.

All these is the evidence that Lenin Park is an ideal site to share the healthy life offered us by nature directly contact. You may enjoy in front yourself the pure Cuban rodeo, in events which shows Cuban an foreign this sport players' prestigious races. This park has a great lake where you can ride boats or aquatic bicycles or make a horse riding around its fatnesses.

It is not a problem that many families visit it every week-end at the same time because this great park has enough space for everybody.

Who see today at first time the immense area where this park is located, seemed to a big tropical forest, couldn't believe that all this land, even the nature, was a deforested zone and a very dry and extremely eroded ground. Everything was built in this place.

Lenin ParkIt was necessary to plant there about 80 000 trees of 3 meters high an a similar quantity of posture, which were conveniently distributed.

However a better ground was brought in great quantities to build this new Eden, designed for the best functional way for this installation.

Today grow without problem high trees like "Yagrumas", Pines and Araucarias, Palms, Cedars, "Almácigos" and many others. Walking by these tees and beautiful lakes, also artificial you may walk like if you were in an idyllic legends place.

There isn't a Cuban who doesn't have a wonderful memory from Lenin Park. Maybe by the activities made here or even simply for sleeping under trees, reading a book, sharing, etc. Breathing at top lung from the "Havana city lung".