Regla, the ultramarine town

Regla boat

Regla is a town belonging to the Cuban capital, where is concentrated the fishing and portray activity; its populates call it "La Sierra Chiquita", because of its topographical features.

But the most famous feature in this ultramarine town is that here is the Regla Virgin's cradle, crossed breed woman holding a white child in her arms, she has powers over the sea, and every September 7 many Cubans go to her sanctuary to adore her and to pay promises.

From this beautiful town is the well-known "Comparsa los Guaracheros de Regla", one of the most prestigious in Havana Carnival.

Next to Regla, Casablanca is an small town, ancient fishers' town , where today is located The Meteorological Institute or National Observatory. You may have access to Regla and Casablanca , crossing the bay on an small launch leaving from a pier located at Port Avenue in Old Havana , also by road crossing the Bay Tunnel and taking The Monumental Way or boarding the Bay by The Port Ring Avenue.

If you prefer going crossing the tunnel, you can't miss a visit at the majesties presence of Havana Christ.

Regla VirginIt is a colossal statue made of white Carrara marble, contrasting with the gray color of its neighbors buildings "Los Tres Reyes del Morro" , "San Salvador de la Punta" and "San Carlos de la Cabana" Castles. Al of them with The Christ, the observatory on the hill, great ships going in, the old launches, the contrasting architectonic styles, conform the singular Havana Bay entrance, named before "Carenas Port".

Havana Christ Sculpture is a work made by the disappeared Cuban artist Jilma Madera, it was built in Italy and was inaugurated on December 25, 1958. It measures twenty meters high, on a base of three meters, it is composed by 67 pieces and weights 320 tons.

Its Location over a hill raises it 51 meters over sea level, that's why it can be seen from many places in Old Havana . Also from its base you can enjoy an incomparable view of the city as the bay activity. Our dear Christ is standing with a hand on his heart and the other one raised, looking at the city blessing all who admire him.

Regla in the XIX century