Hurón Azúl: Carlos Enríquez' House

The Hurón Azúl was the countryside house of the Cuban painter Carlos Enriquez, one of the pioneers of the artistic vanguard that strongly emerged in 1927, in the cultural scene of the Island.

His house was the meeting place for poets, painters, musicians in memorable encounters, which were real spiritual feasts of sensitivity and intelligence.

This place was opened with a similar purpose, to access the polemic debate and the essential interest of promoting the visual arts; respecting the diversity of opinions and different forms to appreciate Art.

Immersing Carlos Enríquez' world is an adventure to the delirium of a vanguard artist, who made his home the frame of his work. Either in his landscapes, or in his house, sensuality, certainty or the surprise of the unknown, announce the hand of a man gifted with an extraordinary sensitivity to seize reality and reproduce it. The wooden gate painted in blue, where it is said the artist hanged the skin of a ferret, is the entrance of the farm.

The small house seems to be placed in the middle of the trees to receive their colour and freshness. It is reached through a path limited by bottles remaining of the parties with the friends, which a gardener was placing all through the years. The simple exterior walls follow a gate of colonial inspiration and joins to the roof of creole roof tiles.

The interior door has on the top a welcome cabala, resisting, even today the lineal explanation: blue vault where Uranus, Mart and Jupiter mock and secretly keep its message.

The surprising reflects of the colourful window placed at the end of the dinning room – kitchen, made according to the painter's caprice. Colours and combinations of lights and shades multiply in the mural of tropical ambiance extended in the entire wall, and contrasting to an exotic stove A stair, made of wood as the whole house is, goes to the studio.

It has the footprint of Carlos Enríquez' magic world.

Address: Paz Street, between Constancia and Lindero, Callejas Neighbourhood, Párraga, Arroyo Naranjo.
Telephone: (537) 57 8246
Open from Tuesdays through Saturdays 9:00 -17:00; Sundays, 9:00 - 13:00. Entrance fee: 1.00 CUC.
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