José Lezama Lima house: the mystery of poetic creation

The museum Jose Lezama Lima is near downtown, in Colón, one of the most popular quarters in the city. The house preserved the memory of the writer who lived there for 47 years.

Lezama resided in that house since 1929 and set there the very centre of his creation, turning it into a cultural space and a myth. Six rooms treasure personal objects of the writer, as well as documents, part of his extensive library, and small decorative pieces.

An ample and representative art gallery exhibits works of the most important artists of Cuban plastic vanguard, along with creators from other parts of the world.

The mysteries, as the poet himself called the rooms of his house, respect the original atmosphere and follow the baroque spirit of Lezama's decorations, as new objects were added: works of sculptors and painters friends of him, and peculiar little figures which Lezama made last forever in the pages of Paradiso.

The house is also a witness of a determining period in the Cuban culture, the decade of the 40's. Lezama received in that house writers who belonged to the generation of Orígenes, and there are testimonies of meetings between some of the main figures of letters and culture at that time.

To travel through the museum is to participate in the mystery of the poetic creation, to meet the living presence of that man who made of poetry an act of faith.

Address: 162 Trocadero, between Industria and Consulado, Centro Habana. Telephone: (537) 863 3774.
Open: Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9:00 to 17:00, and Sundays 9:00 to 13:00. Entrance fee: 3,00 CUC (children under 12 free of charge).

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