José Martí's house

In this a small house was born José Martí Pérez, Cuban National Hero and leader of the independence, one of the more outstanding personalities in the Spanish and Latin American literature in the 19th century.

It is a museum since 1945, and it was declared National Monument in 1949. The rooms of Leonor Pérez and Mariano Martí, his parents, were located upstairs. This rooms exhibits objects related with his childhood, as a little spoon, a tower, and the baby's cap used in his baptism ceremony.

jose marti houseThe blonde hair braid cut at the age of four years old is his only physical object preserved. In one of the rooms is exhibited the iron fetters he was put in the prison of Havana; the chair he used at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and the album of his wedding with Carmen Zallas Bazán.

A second room holds the golden and platinum watch chain, given to the Maestro by his pupils of the Normal School of Guatemala, a jewel he always carried with him. From his vast literary creation it is presented the magazine La Edad de Oro. This first edition was exhibited in a book form contains the four magazines published in New York, as well as other pieces as the book of poems Isamelillo.

From his office in New York, is displayed the secretaire-bureau, the meeting table, one of the six Imperial chairs that accompanied it, the ornamental inkstand and the only remaining oleo of José Martí, made by the artist Herman Norman.

Personal objects José Martí carried at the moment of his death in May 19th ,1895 are also part of the collection: the leather and metal spurs, the penknife, that still keeps rest of his blood, and a small flag made out of fine canes fibers, which belonged to the President of the Republic in Arms, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. José Martí House offers services as scheduled visits, historical counsel, courses and a specialized library.

Address: 314 Leonor Pérez Street, between Picota and Egido Streets, Old Havana.
Telf: (537) 831-3778.
Open: Monday through Sundays from 9:00 to18:30
Entrance: $ 1.00 CUC