La Punta Castle: Museum of Submarine Archeology

The Fortress San Salvador de la Punta is located at the entrance of the Old Havana, in a place that signs the end of the Malecon and the beginning of the Avenida del Puerto.

It was build by the Italian engineer Jean Bautista Antonelli more that 400 years ago. It was declared National Monument. It stands in one of the protuberances of La Caleta de San Lazaro, on the west side of the harbour's entrance.

The beginning of its construction was back in 1598, by the time that also was started the Morro Castle. Due to its strategic position, in both side of the channel to enter the bay, they would be considered as the most important works of the defense system in the city.

Marine offices were in this building during the first Republic. The castle was under an intense work of restoration that gave it its original position on the rocks.

Thanks to this work canons that were engraved in the rocks and pieces of a chain that once closed the entrance of the harbor to foreign navies or enemies. According to the historian of the city, Eusebio Leal, the most important part of this Museum of Maritime and Submarine Archeology, is its interior vaults.

It holds an exhibition of the objects discovered of the shipwreck from all the areas that had been researched in the Cuban seashores, providing a great amount of evidences as coins, ingots of valuable metals, wonderful stones, chains, ceramics, porcelain, weapons, navigation tools, sextants, etc.

The exhibition at San Salvador de la Punta Castle, seems to complete the fantasy of a city that do not resign to abandon its domain on the sea.

Address: Avenida del Puerto and Paseo del Prado, Old Havana.
Open: From Wednesday through Sunday 10:00 to 17:30
Entrance: $3.00CUC