La Vigía: Hemingway's House

In the town San Francisco de Paula, in the suburbs of Havana, is located the Farm La Vigia. This place was the residence of the Nort American writer Ernest Hemingway for more than 20 years, and it has been preserved the way he left it after his last trip.

Every object, book, furniture is in the same place he left them, and they are carefully preserved as an important part of the Cuban patrimony.

La Vigia was for Ernest Hemingway the neat and clear place that all writer needs to create his work, to welcome his friends, to raise his fighting roosters, and care for his cats.

In this place he wrote "The Old man and the Sea" that gave him the Nobel Price in 1954, and finished "For Whom the Bells Doll".

la vigia Hemingway practiced boxing in the farm, and made a baseball team with the kids of the neighbourhood. He wore his guayabera, his moccasins and left the house in his car to his traditional tour by The Floridita, occasionally La bodeguita del Medio or to his yatch Pilar, put ashore in Cojimar under the surveillance of its patron Gregorio Fuentes.

He preferred to write on the three floors tower built specially for him in 1947: away from telephones and noises. On the first floor a room for the cats: he had up to 57, and many of them with their own gravestones in a graveyard for the animals, next to the swimming pool.

The visitors could see through the windows the huge shoes on the ground and a long line of 8000 books placed in a bookshelf. On the top of his bed his last correspondence and heads of African animals hanging on the wall.

It is a men's sanctuary, his house in Cuba, where he reflected his best novels and most of his chronicles.

Address: Kilómetro 12 ½, Carretera Central, San Francisco de Paula, San Miguel del Padrón.
Telephone: (537) 91 0809.
Open everyday except Tuesdays 9:00 - 16:30.
Entrante fee: 2.00 CUC.