Private rooms rental FAQ - What is a Casa Particular. Bed & Breakfast common questions

Private rooms rental F.A.Q.

This FAQ is to provide answers to the most common questions that we had received about the private lodging process. If your have any concern about this subject and it is not covered by this FAQ, send us an e-mail to: [email protected], and we will answer it as soon as possible. Also if we believe that th question is of interest for other people we will post it here.

Q: Is it legal to rent private rooms in Cuba?

A: Yes, in 1997 the Cuban government approved a law allowing to private house owners to rent rooms, and even whole houses to foreigners and tourist. The owner must pay taxes to the government to perform this economic activity. All rooms ofered by WebHavana are licensed for rental.

Q: Is it accepted for the Cuban inmigration a private room address as a proof of room reservation?

A: Yes, perhaps they will be a little bit reluctant to let you pass when you are going to a private house (they prefer that you rent one of the government hotels), but they must let you in without any doubt. We will send to you a booking confirmation with all the required details to be presented at inmigrations on request.

Q: May I cancel my reservation if I do not like the room reserved to me?

A: Yes, you may cancel it from the first day. But in general we are renting the best available private rooms in Havana, and until today we had not received a single complaint or cancellation.

Q: Is there a preview for specific rooms for rental?

A: Yes, now you could se a limited group of our rooms for rental listed in the booking section. Details included are: images of the rooms, detailed description, location, prices, etc. Now you could pay online a deposit for the room you are reserving (this is optional), this will guarantee the availability of that specific room at your arrival to Cuba. See more details HERE

Q: Why should I rent a private room?

A: There are many diferent reasons for this, because you like to do so, for the privacy (you could have cuban guests not allowed in hotels), for the prices (y will save a lot of money), to meet the real cuban people, to be in a place like home, not in a in personal hotel, etc....