Located in the centre of the province it is distinguished for being the one with a sugar mill.

The only sugar mill working in the capital of Cuba, the Manuel Maritnez Prieto sugar mill that dates from the 17th Century, when the country houses replaced the forest vegetation of this area.

The economic prosperity of the colonial sector that settled there gave place to a sugar empire whose surplus is the sugar mill. In Marianao is located the greatest Technological University of the country, (CUJAE) as well as, the main school of professors training and the school of pedagogical studies called Ciudad Libertad, a military quarter that became a school.

Besides, in this municipality, is located the famous school San Alejandro created in 1842 by Juan Batist Vernay author of the fresco paintings of El Templete, in Old Havana . The oldest painting school of the country that had among its students famous Cuban artists like: Carlos Enriquez, Amelia Pelaez, Wilfredo Lam and Portocarrero. Among the main attractions of this municipality is the legendary Tropicana cabaret , worldwide famous for its Cuban and spectacular show.