Miramar (5ta. Ave. )

Miramar is extended at best of the city from Almendares river, it's an urban place built at expensive prices, here there are very famous places at international level like Tropicana and Convention Palace.

Luxurious sojourns with gardens, avenues, with trees, and a quite residential environment are features of this elegant area in Havana mainly along the area between this cost shore and seventh avenue.

Miramar has many good hotels at the cost line, interesting offers for idleness and extra-hotel substructures allow a pleasant staying, the only inconvenient is it's far from city center.

Miramar Fifth Avenue is the main central avenue in Miramar and the most elegant in Havana, around it rich people built their resting houses at the republican period. Today it's an ideal zone for tourist idleness, with a lot of first class hotels, restaurants as a same category, night clubs, an aquarium and a lot of markets. It also offers interesting visits like "Jesús de Miramar" church, one of the most imposing in the city.

For going from Vedado to Miramar there are four access ways: a bridge crossing Almendares River from 23 st., two tunnels under the same river named popularly "Línea" and "Quinta Avenida" and finally a typical iron bridge.

Boarding the left shore of Almendares River you can arrive in "La Puntilla" (The Brad) named like this because of the shape of this cost accident. There are in the way many interesting places, like International Clinic "Cira Garcia", one of the best urgent service around the city. Interesting at "La Puntilla" is to have the possibility from its perspective admiring the ending part of Malecon opening at the other side of the river mouth with places such as: 1830 Gardens Restaurant, "La Chorrera" and the ancient Vedado Tennis Club.

First Avenue is the nearest to the sea in this area of Havana. From "La Puntilla" to 70 st, it is near to the sea Miramarwhich is almost impossible to see because the buildings are located between this avenue and the shore, including the hotels of this area which have the charm of having so near the sea, which is not the same of having a sea view. That's why Miramar is called The Littoral Hotel of Havana. It has beaches and piers proper to practice diving as other nautical sports. Copacabana, Chateu Miramar and Comodoro Hotels are some of the most maritime of all, although may be included Neptuno-Tritón Complex as the modern "Meliá Habana" which hast the biggest swimming pool of sweet water in the country, it measures more than two thousand m2.

There are too much places you may not miss in Miramar area; such as: Cuban National Aquarium, located at First Avenue and 60 st, next to the coast shore; Arts University, one of the most famous Cuban architectonic works; going western "Club Habana"; Jaimanita, a fishers town; and "Marina Hemingway", the tourist port of Havana.