Monument to the victims of Maine

monumento_maineThis monument is located in Vedado, close to Linea and Malecon.

It was built in 1926, crowned by an imperial eagle with its winds spreaded vertically, what made that a hurricane damaged the monument, and later, the winds were placed horizontally.

The original monument had also busts of three American politicians: William McKinley, who declared the war to Spain to impede the Cuban victory, Leonardo Wood, the first administrator of the island and Theodore Roosevelt.

On January 18th, 1961 it is agreed to remove the eagle, as well as, the busts of the American politicians, and the monument remains like we seen it today. Maine was an American second class cruise. It was built in 1874. It was made of steel. It is 94 meters in length, 17 beam and of 7 draft. Its crew had 354 men.

It was commanded by Captain S.B. Sigsbee. Its explosion occurred in February 15th, 1898 and was used as a pretext by USA in the same year 1898 to declare war to Spain and intervene in the Hispanic-Cuban conflict.

The cruise had arrived to Havana three weeks before its explosion as a request of the American consul Fitzburgh Lee.