Museum Gunsmith's Shop 9th of April

This gunsmith's shop, founded in 1934 under the name of Gunsmith Company of Cuba, was attacked on April 9, 1958 by members of the July 26 Movement led by Fidel Castro as part of the actions to overthrow Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship.

The operation failed and four young men who participated in the attack were killed during it. After the Triumph of the Revolution in January of 1959, the place was declared Historical Site and National Monument in their memory.

On April 9, 1971 the museum was opened with the name of Gunsmith's Shop 9th of April, and in 1993 it became part of the system of museums of the City Historian Office.

A recreation of the original function of this facility is kept in the front area: trade, with some pieces of that time, hunting and sport fishing accessories. In the decade of the 90's it was enriched with the collection of guns donated by President Fidel Castro.

An exhibition referring to the historical events occurred in this place can be found in the rear room, as well as a group of guns related to the revolutionary struggle.

Among the main collections there are those of long and short firearms; blades; ancient guns, in which a blunderbuss with percussion cap stands out; Spanish spark pistols that belonged to the King's guard; French percussion pistols; a revolver with percussion cap; duel pistols; a pistol-cane; a dagger-pistol; and a signal pistol; among others.

There is also a collection of historical guns, among its pieces the most relevant are the M2 carbine used by Ernesto Che Guevara in the Sierra Maestra and a Beretta rifle used by the heroine of the Revolution Celia Sanchez Manduley in the Sierra Maestra as well.

A Springfield rifle modified by hand by the Rebel Army lead by Fidel Castro can also be seen here. A charger of greater capacity was welded to the rifle, on which you can read the following: "July 26. Made in Sierra Maestra".

Mercaderes 157 between Obra Pia and Lamparilla, La Habana Vieja.
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