Parque de la Fraternidad

It is located on Maximo Gomez and Dragones streets, one of the first spaces of San Cristobal de la Habana that since its creation in 18th Century had been used for different purposes. At the beginning, its fields were used for military exercises being the first Plaza de Armas.

There, in the Campo de Marte, as it was first called, the beautiful statute of La India was placed in 1837, after being parque fraternidadmoved to different places it has been returned to this park. In the Campo de Marte, the Portuguese Matias Perez made its last ascension in the year 1886 with its balloon- La Villa de Paris- and in the afternoon hours of May 1st, of the year 1890 dozens of workers of the capital were gathered to make a peaceful demonstration to celebrate the International Day of Workers for first time in Cuba.

In 1929 aimed at holding the Pan-American Congress in Havana the park was completed remodeled. In its centre a ceiba tree was planted with pieces of lands from all countries of the continent. Also, busts of outstanding personalities of the continent were placed in its surroundings. The park owes its name to this event.