Pharmaceutical museum

The French Pharmacy was funded in 1882, on the former Arms Square, known today as Liberty Park, and turned into the Pharmaceutical Museum in 1964. Medicinal herbs, which are the source of active principles of drugs, were processed in this pharmacy.

Instruments used to that purpose during the late 19th century and the beginnings of the 20th century, are still preserved in this establishment. Pieces are exhibited in the drug store, the dispensary, and two warehouses. Among the most important pieces treasured by the museum there are collections of polychromous porcelain bottles; a dispensary table which earned a bronze medal in the International Exhibition of Paris, in 1900; and 55 books for setting prescriptions, in addition to the four languages volumes present in the library.

The museum also shows a collection of thousands of labels, as well as utensils, bottles, devices, formulas and medications, most of them preserved intact despite its age.

The laboratory is at the back yard. Its brick furnace always worked with firewood, and its copper and bronze pieces, preserved in perfect conditions, were used to distil water, alcoholic substances and essential oils.

Address: Obispo, between Mercaderes and San Ignacio. Old Havana.
Entrance free of charge. Visitors can make a voluntary contribution in a box.