Vedado (Habana downtown)

Vedado is like another Havana, it's a continuing history from another epoch, but as lovely and original as always.

According to the Havana Architectural Guide Authors, Vedado was born as the result of a proposition of city expanding approved in 1859 to be placed around the area which is occupied today. This area was an excellent forest place with carsick hills which almost disappeared because of the stone necessity to build pulled from some of the main capital's quarries located near to down town. Vedado means "game preserve" and it's the name of this area because at that XVI century it was a game preserve field to build or to make ways making easier pirates' operations. This area was extended from east to west from Infanta Street to the Almendares mouth, while from north to south from the coast shore to University hills.

Vedado was the youngest colonial building, but ending XIX century under strict rules of urbanity which disposed to make sidewalks and to keep a prudential distance between the built houses; preserving an strict order of its blocks allowing to build wide streets and avenues. Like this Spanish gave Havana the main metropolitan planning measures developed until that time.

One peculiar feature of this area is its streets perfect drawing with 100 meters long by each side of the block.

This area became in a differentiator advantage steep in the city. The national style and the chosen way to name streets with letters and numbers contrasting with the diverse and complicated name system used in the older Havana and its first ample.

Its was necessary to wait until XX century beginnings to become in real fact this project belonging to engineer Luis Yboleón Bosque, Starring one of the most important urbanity development of colonial Havana times.

A well-known neighborhood of this area of Havana is "La Rampa", composed by five blocks from 23 street between Malecon and last. It's a young's enjoyable zone because here are locate a great quantity of bars, clubs, discotecs. And the most special place, without doubts, National Hotel, sharing the area with another ones important, too, such as "Capri" and "Habana Libre" hotels, there are also famous restaurants, movies, and international airlines representations. That's why "La Rampa" is known as Vedado's life center, as in older times were "Plaza de Armas" (Army Squere) or "Paseo del Prado" (Prado Walk) for this city.

Vedado is the excellent socio-cultural center in Havana. Around this area are located the main artistic institutions of the city as its best museums and theatres, but also some ministries offices are located in Vedado, even the highest direction of the country. Vedado has a big concentration of hotels, restaurants, nigh clubs, monuments and many tourist attractive. It's one of the most centrically areas in the city while is also the access way to many of the interesting places of Cuban capital.