Víctor Hugo House-Museum

The number 311 of the narrow O'Reilly street, in Old Havana, reopened on March 16th, 2004. The house was rescued from ruins after a meticulous restoration work, and was turned into Víctor Hugo House-Museum, to honor the French writer, although he never lived or even travelled to Cuba.

The neoclassic house of the middle 19th century, covers around one thousand square meters. The building was called by neighbors and passers-by "the house of yagrumas", because of its wild vegetation hanging from the ruins of an outer balcony.

The institution has an exhibition room, a library with its reading room and documentation holdings available to visitors, a reception hall, and salons for meetings, conferences and projections, as well as classrooms; all of them distributed in four levels around a central patio which creates a vast well of light and ventilation.

The mask of The Miserable's author stands out among the attractions of the museum.

The restoration of the House was made after an meticulous, archaeological and historical research. Objects related to French pharmacy and medicine were obtained from the first investigation, and are presently in exhibition.

The second research reveals that the house belonged to several important families from Havana, as the one of the distinguished scientist Felipe Poey.

Víctor Hugo's great-great-granddaughter came to Cuba for the inauguration. It looks like a museum, but, as the matter of fact, it is a House permanently opened to everybody.

Address: 311 O'Reilly, between Aguiar and Habana.
Entrance free of charge.
Visitors can make a voluntary contribution in a box.

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