Mapas de Cuba - Mapa de Cienfuegos


Cienfuegos (The South pearl )

In the middle of the Island, this province surround one of the most beautiful bay in Cuba, Jagua, settlement of aboriginal communities and later besieged with privateers and pirates have so many legends that it has its own mythology. Agriculture for tradition, in the last years had reached a development that transform it in one of the province with most potential industrial in the country.

Located in an earth tongue inside the bay, the city of Cienfuegos, founded in 1819 by french colonist which came from Burdeos, was named Fernandina de Jagua. Perfectly simetrical, its streets were subdivided from the Central Park Jose Marti, It is considered as a modern city, clean and wide. Cienfuegos have palaces, parks, theaters, churches, restaurants and an avenue named as Paseo del Prado, wich extend to the sea, where the people meet, always laughing and elegant."The South Pearl" as it is also known is always ready to receive to whom like to walk for his streets