Mapas de Cuba - Mapa de Matanzas


Matanzas (Varadero)

At their origins, Matanzas was an indian town known as Yucayo, settled near the Guanima Bay. The Spanish named the place as Matanzas, after a ship with thirty men and two woman shipwrecked nearby the port and were attacked and died by the indians. In this zone, the spanish in 1693 founded the city with the name of San Carlos and San Severino of Matanzas nearby the splendid bay with the higher soaked of Cuba.

Matanzas has the pride of having in its territory, one of the best beach of the world: Varadero, a nature's masterpiece. Its perfect coastline of fine white sand runs for 20 kilometers and can be considered a holiday paradise.This resort is located on the Northern coast of Matanzas province, It extend through a narrow peninsula, the Hicacos peninsula. The fine white sand and its warm transparent waters makes from this place one of the most important and recognize beach place in the world

Just 2 hours from Havana, Varadero is easy to reach from any part of the world. You can arrive either by direct flight to its international airport or by private boat to its harbor, or by well maintained roads from any region of the Island. Yachts and private aircraft can enter Varadero by establishing radio contact with Cuban authorities.

Matanzas, the city of the bridge and the poets, is the capital of the province with the same name. In the heart of the city we can find the Jose White cultural center, the place where more than a century ago was danced the first "danzon" compound by Miguel Failde.

Matanzas have besides Varadero, other places with tourist interest like; The Yumuri Valley, where we could see the cuban nature in its all brightness. the Bellamar cave, with more than 2 km long, and in the south part, at the Zapata peninsula, is located the Natural Park Montemar, a paradise for the one who love nature.This incredible natural reservation have an area of thousands of square kilometers of forest and coast vegetation, extensive places of moisture and manglars which are the habitat of 160 species of birds and 900 of superior trees. Mammals, fishes, and amphibians are joined to this wonderful show in the Caribbean island.

This province is a faithful index of the afrocuban religion. The black slaves settled in the vicinity of Yumury Valley resolved his spanish masters prohibition to celebrated his african cult, with the identification of the christian saints with the colours of his god. In this way the Caridad Virgin is Ochun. From this place was born the Palo Monte, el Abacua and the santeria, specially in the regions of Jovellanos, Colon and the city of Matanzas.